AGC Chemicals Europe (CSR)

The Challenge

AGC Chemicals Europe (AGCCE) is a leading producer of fluorochemicals and fluoropolymers, located in North West England and is part of the AGC Group (Japan) which employs around 50,000 people across the globe.

It is important to AGCCE to be a responsible neighbour, employer and business.  In order to fulfil this commitment and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives of the AGC group, AGCCE needed to understand what CSR meant to it, the group, the wider business community and its stakeholders.

Newground’s approach and solution

The first step to unravelling CSR for AGCCE was to review the AGC Group CSR report which included objectives, progress to date and examples of good practice.  A Newground Consultant spent time with the senior management team dissecting the Group report, explaining terminology in simple terms and translating into context for a UK-based company.

The next step was for AGCCE was to form a CSR Committee and implement a series of meetings which were facilitated by the Newground Consultant. During the initial meetings the Committee determined what CSR meant to AGCCE and its stakeholders, and the AGC Group. The subsequent sessions focussed on assessing what responsible business practice AGCCE was already engaged in, what the business could do better and how to communicate its efforts to stakeholders.

As a result of these sessions and AGCCE commitment to be a responsible business Newground has delivered a wide selection of services including:

  • The completion of a CSR marketplace review to assess CSR activity and disclosure in the chemical sector;
  • A CSR review to complete a baseline assessment of CSR activity and suggest opportunities for improvement;
  • The delivery of a range of environmental and H&S workshops;
  • Assistance with the preparation of a CSR brochure for the website;
  • Planning, organising and delivering a family day for AGCCE employees and families at a local country park;
  • Providing the opportunity for AGCCE to sponsor both the school ‘It’s Our Planet’ and the business ‘Green Hero’ environmental award ceremonies; and
  • The delivery of a series of climate change workshops at local schools.

How we made a difference

As Newground has a range of services to offer, we were able to bring a variety of skills and expertise to provide creative solutions which fulfilled AGCCE’s needs. This involved working with the Business, Marketing and Education Teams from Newground to deliver the range of activities. In addition, one of the main reasons AGCCE chose to work with Newground is because we are a Community Interest Company. Any profits we make are re-invested into local community projects, a win-win situation from AGCCE's CSR point of view.  


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