Bradley Rycroft

Bradley Rycroft  faced a future without employment  after his lack of confidence and focus meant his schoolwork suffered.
Referred to Skillsbuild’s Alternative provision in Construction at Featherstone Academy, which he attended one day a week from Year 9 onwards, Bradley quickly realised he had a talent for bricklaying, astounding tutors with his natural flair. Finding a subject he was passionate about, his confidence increased and specialist tutors were able to help him boost his written skills too, meaning he left school with a Level 1 Construction Qualification.
Choosing to remain at Skillsbuild, Bradley enrolled on the Step Up to Construction Programme. Finding focus and ambition in construction, he was no longer fazed by tests and achieved a Construction Scheme Certification Card (CSCS), helping secure a future in the industry. The same week as he took the CSCS test, Bradley successfully interviewed for a bricklaying apprenticeship, meaning he’s now in employment and looking forward to a future in construction.
Steve Lumb, Construction Co-ordinator at Skillsbuild said:
“Bradley’s focus at school had given cause for concern, but in construction he found it easy to go the extra mile. Asked to lay a few bricks after some brief instructions, he amazed tutors by laying an entire wall, perfectly, first go.”
Steve says Bradley’s story is outstanding, but far from exceptional in the work of Skillsbuild:  “He’s used his talent and passion for construction to improve the skills he was less confident in.
“It goes to show how a relaxed, safe and supportive learning environment helps young people take control of their future and move forward with confidence and qualifications.”