Brun Valley Forest Park, Burnley – Green Infrastructure and Landscape Masterplan

Newground was commissioned by Burnley Borough Council to carry out a green infrastructure study for the Forest Park. We produced an outline Masterplan and cost estimate using mapped GI typologies, site surveys, reference to the quality assessments contained in the Green Space Strategy and discussions with Parks Officers from Green Spaces and Amenities Unit. The scheme was based on existing written proposals for the Forest Park and supplemented by detailed discussions with stakeholders, which identified constraints, opportunities, phasing and timescales. It explored opportunities for greening areas (including clearance sites) to provide links, emphasise routes and gateways into the Forest Park, and improved social and environmental conditions in the built areas. The purpose of the Masterplan was to illustrate the vision for the Forest Park; to engage local residents, politicians and other stakeholders and to guide later, more detailed design work. Consultation was held in the area to obtain input from local communities and stakeholders.

Newground also worked closely with Burnley Council on a series of plans and documents for a planning application for the controversial Wakeboarding project.
The fully costed Masterplan and the new improved network of pathways also resulted in Newground leading in other specific design projects (Queen’s Park Road Entrance Improvements and more recently the development of a play area near the Thornton Arms).


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