Bunbury Village Play Space

The newly formed Bunbury Play Committee contacted Newground in 2013 enquiring about a play area design for their local playing fields. At the time, the Committee had no funds, and were only just setting out what seemed like an impossible journey. Newground were asked to tender design ideas, and after several submissions and presentations, were successful in winning the design stage of the work.

After initial consultations, sketch designs were produced. These were refined, and revised over the course of the following months, and further consultations were held. When a final design was chosen, planning permission was gained and funding commenced. Newground filled out and submitted some of the funding applications for the Committee.

The theme of the space revolved around the history of local Bunbury legend Sir Hugh Calveley, who survived a ship wreck that claimed the lives of 1000 men. The final design included a swinging boat, with wave mounds ripping out from it, with timber planks from the shipwrecks. There were ruined castle walls, and a small hill fort to represent the ruins of the castle he lived in. The final design also included several large dynamic pieces of natural timber play equipment: towers, climbing frames, nets, swings, hexagon swings, over 400metres of path, wildflowers, mounding, seating, boulders, climbing stacks, a willow tunnel, a woodland path and kitchen area and a variety of native tree planting throughout the scheme. Accessibility was also a key driver of the design.

Construction began in November 2015, and completed in March 2016.

At every stage of the project, Newground's designers were integral to each process, and their commitment and attention to detail to both the client and success of the project (including filling out and submitting funding applications), from inception to completion has seen them involved in the project for over two and a half years.


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