Chester Zoo becomes the first UK zoo to be certified to the Environmental Management Systems Standard ISO 14001.

Chester Zoo (Legislation Update Service)

The challenge

Chester Zoo welcomes over 1.4 million visitors every year, whilst having more than 400 different species of animals to care for. Conservation of the environment is an important part of Chester Zoo’s mission but due to the unique nature of the organisation, attempts at achieving environmental accreditation had proved complex. Being large users of energy and resources along with lots of waste being produced, a unique system needed to be implemented that took into account the wide range of legislation relevant to the site. Staff were struggling to keep up with ever-changing environmental regulations and found it difficult to manage their traditional paper system.

Newground's approach and solution

Putting in place the online environmental and health and safety registers offered by LUS, made bespoke to the Zoo, enable the team to remain fully compliant with all legislation, whilst the monthly updates notify the staff of anything relevant to the organisation. Summaries of law in plain English make it clear what needs to be done in order to stay compliant, as well as having the ability to record notes about the Zoo's aspects and impacts alongside relevant legislation, which all makes life a lot easier.

How we made a difference

Having both the environmental aspects register and legal compliance register online has given the team at Chester Zoo the peace of mind that their records will be kept constantly updated, whilst the online system saves time and relieves the team of having to manage this themselves. It is a much simpler process when being externally audited, as the team can show the system to the auditor demonstrating full legal compliance. Now, they’re the first UK zoo, and only the second one in Europe, to be certified to ISO 14001.


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