Newground empowers Charity's newly appointed enviromental champions via environmental training.

Child Action North West (Environmental Training)

The challenge

Child Action North West (CANW) was founded over 125 years ago and provides services to protect, support and empower children, young people, families and communities.

The organisation was keen to address its environmental impacts and look at ways of improving its performance. Support was requested from Newground to assist with this and implementation of any identified opportunities for improvement.

The solution

An initial environmental review was carried out to identify cost saving and efficiency opportunities on site. One of the key recommendations was the development of an environmental steering group to drive improvements. This led to the founding of the ‘Environment Task & Finish Group’, a team of CANW employees who were tasked with leading on environmental issues and being Environmental Champions for the organisation.

A need was identified for the newly appointed champions to undergo environmental awareness training to equip them for the role. Training was required that could be tailored to CANW’s own activities, which would also result in a formal qualification for staff.

Newground's solution was delivery of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Level 2 Award in Environmental Principles and Best Practice 1-day training course, which was carried out in-house for the organisation. This provided the Group members with an awareness of key environmental concepts and practical advice on how to reduce the organisations’ own environmental impact.

How we made a difference

Newground helped CANW to develop a strategy for identifying and addressing its environmental impacts. In addition, training has helped to empower staff  with the knowledge and confidence  to engage with colleagues on environmental issues and raise awareness of relevant issues. All of this has assisted CANW in its ongoing efforts to reduce its impact on the environment.