Newground provides training solution to engage workforce in sustainability issues and encourage identification of improvement opportunities.

Crown Paints (Sustainability Training)

The Challenge

Crown Paints is one of the UK's largest and most successful paint manufacturers.  Crown aims is to manufacture products at as little cost to the environment as possible and to bring colour to life in a responsible and sustainable way.

The Company had formed a cross department Sustainability Team whose remit was to constantly review products and processes and reduce negative environmental impacts. 

The Team needed to communicate this message to the entire workforce and encourage participation in the continuous improvement process.

Newground's approach and solution

We developed a solution that would spread the Team's message to the whole workforce and encourage them to commit to the environmental goals. The solution was a series of interactive workshops that engaged all of Crown's employees. The workshops were developed to the specific learning outcomes agreed and included a number of group and individual activities. The sessions concluded with all participants writing a pledge to implement one action that would contribute to Crown's sustainability goals.

 How we made a difference

  • To date over 200 employees have participated in the sustainability workshops.
  • Over 200 pledges to change behaviour have been made by those employees.
  • More than 40 actions plans identifying opportunities for improvement have been developed during the workshops.
  • A mill pond on site has been regenerated and is now a wildlife haven, following action plans made during the workshops. By using Newground's Landscape Design services to carry this out, Crown also contributed to its Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.
  • Over 70% of attendees thought that the workshop was beneficial to their role at Crown.