Newground provides Deli Carlo with advice about flood prevention and resilience measures.

Deli Carlo (Flood Prevention and Response)

The challenge

Deli Carlo is situated on the outside ground floor of the Darwen Town Hall building facing the bus station. Deli Carlo’s outlook is across a large paved area that slopes gently down towards their two entrances. There is a drain approximately three metres from the shop front and there is no change in level at the threshold.  During periods of heavy rainfall the surface water drainage system for the paved area cannot cope with the high volume of water that needs to drain away. When this happens water pools outside the two doorways putting the shop under threat of flooding in recent times.

The solution

Environmental consultants from Newground, working through the Flood Watch project, visited the shop and provided the Manager with advice about flood prevention and resilience measures. As a result Deli Carlo obtained some alternative sandbags.

The alternative sandbags have been deployed on a number of occasions when the shop was threatened with surface water flooding. Fortunately, the water levels outside the shop have been insufficient to thoroughly wet the alternative sandbags so were not swollen with water.

Deli Carlo's Manager keeps her supply of alternative sandbags close to hand beneath one window display, which incidentally is also near a space heater keeping them dry. She understands that they can be dried and reused for surface water flooding but not if contaminated with sewage.

As part of the engagement through Flood Watch, Newground also provided Deli Carlo with information of who to contact in the event of a flood and the shop also has a business flood plan with steps staff could follow if flooding was likely to occur.

How we made a difference

From the advice we gave to Deli Carlo's Manager, through the Flood Watch programme, alternative sandbags were obtained and the Manager feels much more secure with them to hand.


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