Fountains Square, Barrowford

The Newground design and build team helped to transform a bleak and unwelcoming series of underused courtyards surrounding various blocks of flats in the centre of picturesque Barrowford. We designed and obtained planning permission for improved areas for hanging out washing, cleaner bin areas, permit and residents parking, social spaces with flower and food gardens. All of these improvements make the location more marketable, leading to a higher demand for properties resulting in less void properties, reduced conflict with parking, fewer complaints from residents and more pride in the area as a whole.

The official opening took place on 11th May 2016 and on the day the residents were delighted with the landscaping work. It looked cleaner, tidier and allowed them to spend time outside, in a safe environment. Certain residents took ownership of the planters and in July 2016 Housing Pendle held its annual garden competition.

One resident in particular suffers from mental health issues and he stated that many residents spend most days outside, attending to the planters, keeping them maintained and although he can’t manage/ attend to the gardens, he is grateful for the work that has been done and its helped him a great deal as the area is peaceful and allows him to spend time outside.

Below are some of the quotes that were taken from the residents and the judges on the day of the judging.


  • “Gorgeous flowers in the planters and on the side”
  •  “Many ornaments with lovely plants. Very well kept and a great deal of hard work has gone into this.
  • “Lovely Display of colours and different flowers. Greenery is lovely and benefits all residents.”
  • “A safe environment for us all to sit out in and enjoy!”
  • “Beautiful transformation for all the residents and we’re particularly grateful to those who work hard to keep it clean and tidy.”


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