Newground helped this FTSE 100 company demonstrate and maintain environmental legal compliance sites throughout the UK.

FTSE 100 Postal Service Provider (Environmental Legal Compliance)

The challenge

Newground was approached by a FTSE 100 postal service provider to support environmental legal compliance work to enable sites to confidently identify and assess compliance with relevant legislation.

The organisation is committed to reducing its environment impacts and has a strong environmental governance strategy in place. Part of the way in which environmental impacts associated with the operation of its sites are addressed is via an internal quality, environment and health & safety management system.

A key part of the management system journey for each site is the understanding of applicable environmental legislation that affects its activities, and an assessment of its level of compliance. 

Newground’s approach and solution

  • The first step was for Newground to visit a sample of sites to determine what legislation applied to the organisation’s activities.
  • From this, and using Newground’s online Legislation Update Service, an environmental legal register was constructed with compliance comments representing corporate level compliance.
  • The next step was to work with the organisation in creating an easy-to-use site level environmental legal compliance toolkit that each site could use to assess compliance. This toolkit provided audit questions for all relevant legislation; guidance on ‘what compliance looks like’; and a grading system to identify areas of non-compliance.
  • Training was provided to key staff members on use of the toolkit and what to look for to demonstrate compliance.
  • Finally, Newground Consultants undertook initial audits with staff members to embed learning.

How we made a difference

Newground assisted the organisation in identifying all areas of environmental law they had responsibility for complying with and empowered individuals at site level to be able to assess compliance, understand required actions, and demonstrate legal conformity to the management system. We trained key members of staff to roll out the toolkit across all sites, and embed the compliance process into the management system.

We continue to provide regular updates to both the online legal register and the audit toolkit to ensure that changes to legislation are taken into account.