Heather finds freedom with Active Spaces Project.

Heather Grey

The benefits of the Active Spaces Project

Heather joined our triking sessions on a Wednesday morning, in March 2013. She heard about our sessions via a BBC Lancashire radio interview between Jane Ingham and John Gilmore.  Heather’s serious physical and mental issues were the result of an accident between a car driver and Heather on a two wheeled cycle on a road in Rossendale.

The injuries Heather suffered means she walks badly with a stick and sometimes cannot walk at all. The accident caused her to have balancing issues, and her thought processes are not as coherent as pre-accident. When Heather first joined the triking session, she required one to one support from Active Spaces team, for her to use the adult sized bikes. After four weeks Heather was up and riding around to her heart’s content. Heather loves the triking sessions and she is now good enough to trike on her own. We have been able to create a trike for two people, so Heather’s carer can now go with her.

“It’s great for me to be back cycling again. I feel safe triking in Towneley Park as the park holds numerous traffic free routes. The freedom of being able to trike by on my own, although in a group, is fantastic. Jane really helped and supported me to help me get back on a cycle. I feel fitter and feel that I am part of the community again, I have begun to think that I’m no longer a burden on society because of my injuries, I now feel valued.

I have tried using a two wheeled cycle again, Jane and my carer helped me, I thought my balance was good enough, but after trying, I realise that I’m still not able to use a two wheeled bike. I intend, once my insurance money from my accident comes through, to buy myself an adult sized trike to use at home to get me to the shops and library.”


Heather Case Study Medium