Newground supported the organisation to improve its EMS, making it simpler to manage and maintain on a day to day basis

International Parcel Delivery Organisation (Environmental Management System)

The challenge

This international parcel delivery organisation operates an environmental management system (EMS) certified to ISO 14001. The system is a number of years old; it was felt that an independent review to identify opportunities for improvement would be useful in order to ensure effective maintenance of the system.

Newground’s approach and solution

A Newground consultant carried out a review of existing EMS documentation and visited a representative sample of sites to find out how the EMS was being utilised in practice. From this a report of recommendations was produced highlighting existing areas of good practice and opportunities for improvement.

The Consultant then worked with the organisation’s Environmental Manager to implement some of the recommendations. This included:

  • Developing a new easy-to-use register of environmental legislation and carrying out an up-to-date compliance evaluation.
  • Updating the methodology for identifying and evaluating environmental aspects for significance and creating comprehensive significance criteria.
  • Developing additional operational control procedures to help maintain good environmental practices at site level.
  • Updating the environmental policy.
  • Providing support to prepare a new EMS manual.

How we made a difference

Newground supported the organisation to improve its EMS and make it simpler to manage and maintain on a day to day basis. It has successfully retained its ISO 14001 certification and continues to make significant progress in reducing its environmental impact.