Newground trains Manchester Central staff to become competent internal auditors.

Manchester Central (Internal Auditor Training)

The challenge

Manchester Central is an award winning conference centre and major employer in the heart of Manchester city centre. The venue is committed to boosting its positive and minimising its negative impact on the environment; making it one of the first major UK conference and event venues to be accredited with ISO 20121 Event Sustainability.

Following this, Manchester Central decided to implement an environmental management system in line with ISO 14001 and enlisted Newground’s assistance in developing a bespoke management system. Additionally, Newground trained team members as internal auditors so that Manchester Central would have competent staff to audit the management system and ensure its effectiveness.

Newground’s approach and solution

Firstly, a series of learning objectives and a lesson plan was developed and agreed upon with Manchester Central to ensure the training course met business requirements.

From there, the Newground Consultant designed a one day in-house training session aimed at providing selected team members with practical knowledge on how to carry out effective internal audits. The training provided theoretical knowledge of auditing skills and techniques, plus a more in-depth understanding of the requirements of ISO 14001 and the implemented environmental management system.

The course then required team members to use the knowledge obtained and practice what they had learnt by carrying out a real audit on site. Incorporating a practical exercise to carry out an audit allowed the attendees to develop confidence in how to carry out a real-life audit and write up an audit report. The session allowed attendees to feedback on how effective their audit was and what they could do to continue improving their auditing skills.

How we made a difference

We provided the necessary knowledge to allow Manchester Central team members to take the first steps to becoming competent internal auditors. One delegate said, “The training has provided me with a basis I can build upon when completing internal audits for the venue” and another said “I’m now fully equipped to carry out an internal audit”.

Having trained internal auditors will enable Manchester Central to meet the internal audit requirements of ISO 14001 and ensure regular internal audits are carried out to review both the effectiveness of the environmental management system and Manchester Central’s environmental performance.


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