Further education college reduces carbon footprint by 16% with Newground’s support.

Nelson and Colne College (Carbon Management)

The Challenge

Nelson and Colne College provides further education opportunities to over 1,700 full time and 5,000 part time students. To support its outstanding educational performance the College is committed to creating a sustainable learning environment. To do this the College needed to understand its significant negative impacts and then implement actions to reduce those impacts.  

Newground’s approach and solution

The journey started a number of years ago when the Facilities Manager at Nelson and Colne College attended a Carbon Footprinting workshop at Newground.  Inspired by the ability to monitor, measure and reduce carbon emissions, and improve the sustainability of the College, the Facilities Manager set his own goal to calculate the College’s carbon footprint. To do this he enlisted the help of a Newground Consultant to guide him through the process and calculate the baseline carbon footprint.  Armed with this data it was then possible to track progress throughout the year and target areas that contributed the greatest to the College’s carbon emissions. Newground's approach throughout was to ensure the process and results were thoroughly understood by the Facilities Manager to enable him to implement actions that reduced the carbon footprint, to speak knowledgably about the benefits of measuring and reducing the College's carbon footprint, and encourage a team of people to work with him. Newground have continued to work with the College and has produced an updated carbon footprint report each year.

How we made a difference

Newground's support has resulted in a 16% carbon footprint reduction and an absolute saving of 226tCO2e. The biggest contributor to this saving is the reduction in electricity consumption.  


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