Newground identified risks that climate change could pose for the business and the surrounding environment.

Pincroft Dyeing and Printing Co Ltd (Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation)

The Challenge

Pincroft is a modern bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing business which specialises in the production of workwear fabrics. It's an established leader in its field, and has been in the dyeing and printing industry for over a century.

Pincroft needed to assess the business risk posed by climate change and identify measures to build business resilience in order to fulfil a request from the Environment Agency. As a permitted site Pincroft is regulated by the Environment Agency and operates under strict pollution prevention limits. As a potentially higher risk site, the impact of climate change on its operations and the surrounding environment needed to be risk assessed and a plan of action implemented to reduce that risk.

Newground’s approach and solution

Newground visited Pincroft on site to carry out a review of the risks that climate change could pose for the business and the surrounding environment. This included a site tour, observations of the processes and discussions with management to understand its current operating procedures and control measures. Following the visit Newground provided Pincroft with a comprehensive Climate Change Action Plan that included:

  1. The identification of the potential impacts of climate change and existing adaptation measures.
  2. A risk assessment of the potential impacts and prioritisation of those risks.
  3. An action plan outlining opportunities to build business resilience now and in the future.

How we made a difference

Newground coached Pincroft through the assessment process and ensured that the less obvious climate risks were identified. The benefit of completing the assessment together, and involving other members of the management team, resulted in a comprehensive assessment and an action plan that included practical improvement measures. The Climate Change Action Plan will fulfill the Environment Agency’s requirements and will leave Pincroft far better prepared to manage and reduce the risk of climate change on its business, site and the surrounding environment.