Newground trains staff at Ritherdon & Company Ltd to safely handle and manage hazardous substances and complete effective COSHH assessments.

Ritherdon & Company Ltd (COSHH Training)

The challenge

Ritherdon & Company Ltd were looking to provide training on COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) to staff at their metal fabrication factory. The company was seeking to increase staff awareness on the requirements of COSHH and ensure relevant employees understood the company’s COSHH arrangements, in addition to training the new Health and Safety Coordinator to develop his skills and knowledge.

Newground’s approach and solution

Newground provided a solution of one full day’s training, split in to two parts to meet all the objectives. A Consultant from Newground delivered half a day of COSHH training to relevant staff which enabled the delegates to:

• Understand how to identify hazardous substances;
• Understand the principles of controlling substances which are hazardous to health;
• Draw a link between ill health and injury;
• Understand how to conduct a COSHH assessment;
• Be aware of the legal compliance requirements;
• Provide an update on the change from Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) (CHIP) to Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP) Regulations.

A further half day of training was provided to the Health and Safety Coordinator to provide guidance on how to complete COSHH assessments and how to develop a list of substances. This included:
• Reviewing the COSHH arrangements and assessments already in place;
• Identifying and addressing any gaps;
• Sharing best practice information.

How we made a difference

Following the day of training, the company was left in a position where it could complete effective COSHH assessments and was able to competently update old assessments. The new Health and Safety Coordinator has become more proficient, with a better understanding of COSHH and how it applies to the business. The company was very satisfied with the training and impressed with the Consultant’s knowledge and expertise regarding health and safety, and following the training they requested a Health and Safety legal compliance audit, to utilise the Consultant’s experience and ensure their business was meeting legal requirements.


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