The Community Garden wanted to serve the residents of Stoops estate and the residents of Griffin estate.

Rome Avenue, Burnley

Calico Homes asked Newground to improve an almost land-locked area of derelict open space located at the rear of back gardens and a public footpath.

Local consultation undertaken with Calico showed a demand for the space to remain very natural rather than as a formal growing space so the old raised beds were removed, the rough round was cultivated and seeded, fruit trees and a wildlife hedgerow were planted, informal large boulders placed, an information panel and motorbike inhibitors installed.

This has now become an easy to maintain area of usable open space with opportunities for foraging, harvesting and informal play.

"Newground have been an instrumental partner in helping us to provide good quality, well designed green spaces for our customers. They are approachable and easy to do business with and I always feel confident that I do not need to micro manage their part in the process of development. Working with Newground helps us to achieve our strategic aims and make a difference to the lives of our customers," Alicia Foley, Calico Homes.


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