Stubby Lee Park, Bacup

Newground has installed a £30,000 track to “pump up” Stubbylee Park in Bacup.
A pump track is a continuous loop of humps and banked berms (the turns) that allow you to ride by "pumping" rather than pedalling.

The track is part of the Stubbylee masterplan, which was developed by the partnership between Rossendale Borough Council, Newground, Bacup Pride, Friends of Stubbylee Park and Stubbylee Greenhouses.

It’s been designed to be suitable for beginners and improvers as well as established riders. It will be used to develop mountain bike and BMX skills and create a safe and inclusive play space to cater for all ages and skill levels. 150 people turned out to show off their skills on the new track – from the high flyers to tiny tots. 

Newground will also be providing cycle support and training to help people use the track (if they're unsure), which should begin during the Easter holidays.

The funding has come from the Lancashire Environmental Fund, Newground Together, Bacup Pride and Rossendale Borough Council.

Newground Landscape Architect Lorcan Moriarty said: “We’ve worked closely with the council, community groups and the wider local community over the last 12 months to get to this point.

“Newground oversaw the tender procedure and work on site in conjunction with Dirtworks BMX who designed and constructed the track, to create a real asset for Bacup and the local community.

“It’s an amazing facility and we were so pleased by the turn out at the official opening. Dirtworks BMX and Phil Charnley's reputation clearly precedes him as it’s clear that the pump track is a hit and it’s another example of the fantastic projects Newground delivers and is involved with.”

Liz Hughes, from the Friends of Stubbylee Park, added: “It was such a pleasure seeing so many people in the park enjoying themselves. I’m really looking forward to the next phase to revitalise the pond area!” 


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