Newground provides bespoke training to all of The Surface Print Company Ltd’s staff to minimise their risk of manual handling injury.

The Surface Print Company Ltd (Manual Handling Training)

The challenge

The Surface Print Company Ltd is a family business with a proud heritage of wallpaper printing. Staff working at The Surface Print Company Ltd often have to deal with heavy, bulky loads and the number of accidents observed were causing concern to management. The Company were looking to improve the entire workforce, across all shifts and work areas, with manual handling training to ensure staff were handling loads safely as safely as possible.

Newground’s approach and solution

A Consultant from Newground designed and delivered bespoke manual handling training to all staff at The Surface Print Company Ltd. This involved a series of six, two hour training sessions over two days to ensure all 90 employees received the training.

The course ensured that delegates were able to:
• Define and explain what is meant by the term ‘manual handling’;
• State common causes of workplace injury, including the significance of manual handling injuries and the benefits of having appropriate risk controls;
• Explain the terms ‘hazard’. ‘risk’ and ‘control measure’ with reference to manual handling;
• Understand the appropriate actions to take to reduce manual handling injuries including ergonomics;
• State the types of injury that can be caused by poor handling techniques;
• Explain the mechanics of movement such as stability, force and levers;
• List the factors which increase the risk of harm.

The course was designed to encourage interaction and participation to keep delegates engaged. This included relevant photographs that were specific to the work carried out at the Company and a practical challenge so delegates could apply their knowledge and to ensure items were moved properly, using the bulky objects they would move regularly in their jobs.

How we made a difference

All staff are now trained in manual handling and have been provided with specific guidance in moving the heavy, bulky loads they encounter during their work. This met The Surface Print Company’s requirement for training which was identified based on risk and carried out as a control measure to reduce manual handling injuries, creating a safer workplace for their employees.


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