Our help and assistance had provided the Tangerine Group with a proactive approach to flood risk management.

The Tangerine Group (Flood Prevention and Response)

The challenge

As a result of concerns around increasingly extreme weather conditions and the proximity to the coast of the Tangerine Group's Boundary Road site in Lytham, the Company called in Newground's flood risk specialists.

The solution

Environmental Consultants from Newground carried out a flood risk assessment and following this the Tangerine Group has:

  • Signed up to receive Environment Agency flood warnings.
  • Implemented flood risk assessments.
  • Set up monitoring of severe weather warnings.
  • Set up regular cleaning and removal of debris from surface water drains and guttering.
  • Obtained site drainage plans which are accessible to all staff.
  • Set up regular backing up of the computer system and remote storage of copies.
  • Ensured there are digital copies held of all documents.
  • Made records of the locations of gas and electricity isolation points and made  relevant members of staff aware of these.
  • Developed a sustainable urban drainage system; this has
    replaced concrete hard standings with a water permeable block paving
    surface, reducing storm water runoff and standing water during
    periods of heavy rain.

How we made a difference

Our help and assistance had provided the Tangerine Group with a proactive approach to flood risk management. In addition, the company has won a Climate Change Adaptation Award in recognition for the work it has undertaken.