Newground helped Together Housing Group to understand current environmental performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Together Housing Group (Environmental Review)

The challenge

The Together Housing Group consists of seven companies and is a social housing provider managing over 35,000 homes across the North of England. The group employs over 1300 staff which operates from a large number of offices and sites across the North of England to enable them to provide services to their tenants. 

The Group wanted to know where it stood regarding the environment in order to better understand where improvements could be made environmentally, and to align environmental management practices across the seven members of the Group. 

Newground’s approach and solution

Newground worked with the Together Housing Group to decide what areas should be looked at and conduct environmental reviews across all of the main sites throughout the North of England. The reviews looked at:

  • Current activities and operations carried out
  • Raw materials, purchasing and use
  • Energy use
  • Water  use
  • Use of company vehicles and staff business travel
  • Trade effluent production and disposal
  • Waste production and management
  • Pollution prevention and control of environmental emergencies
  • Environmental responsibilities throughout the organisation
  • Staff awareness of environmental issues
  • Basic environmental legal requirements
  • Highlighting any areas of good practice in order to share best practice across the Group

A report was provided for each site visited, in addition to a summary report for the Group’s central team outlining the main areas for improvement and suggesting practical actions and solutions.

How we made a difference

By using Newground to identify the environmental improvement opportunities that the Together Housing Group has, the Group now has clear information on where it needs to act, and has the information to be able to prioritise actions. The social housing provider is now looking to develop an environmental management strategy and start reaping the benefits of being an environmentally conscious company.


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