Newground's support provided Ultraframe not just with the tools to produce a flood plan but also the confidence to implement changes.

Ultraframe UK Ltd (Flood Prevention and Response)

The challenge

The Company is based adjacent to Mearley Brook in Clitheroe and has flooded on several occasions in the past. It's also aware that, with climate change occurring, there is a chance that floods could become more severe. As such, it was decided that a flood plan and associated procedures should be adopted to ensure that the site was prepared for any future flood events.

The solution

Environmental Consultants from Newground carried out a flood risk assessment and helped Ultraframe develop a flood plan that is now included within the Company’s health & safety procedures. Ultraframe purchased ‘flood kits’ which are located at designated points throughout the site and include equipment such as squeegees, waterproof boots, sandbags and water pumps. All staff members are aware of these kits and how and when to use them. Measures have also been taken to ensure that valuable and vulnerable items can be moved to a higher level if required.

The Company now monitors severe weather warnings to be aware of potential high rainfall and Newground signed Ultraframe up to receive flood warnings from the Environment Agency.

Shortly after Newground had been into the site, a flood occurred due to heavy rainfall causing the drainage system to become overwhelmed. Although the flood kits cost approximately £700, they paid for themselves straight away as disruption would have been significant without them.

How we made a difference

Our help, knowledge and subsequent ‘before and after’ site visits, provided Ultraframe not just with the tools to produce a flood plan but, also the confidence to implement changes. Ultraframe benefitted from taking a proactive approach; signing up to early Met Office weather warnings, developing a flood plan and investing in flood defence products all of which now means, in the event of flooding, the Company is prepared and disruption is minimised.