Half Day Environmental Workshops

Our workshops are designed to be delivered in your school for £175 per session over two and half hours. They are a great way to promote thought in school about environmental issues.  All topics link to Eco-School Awards and we can also write bespoke programmes if a topic is not already covered.


Into Hot Water - KS2

Rising temperatures and greenhouse gases are changing the planet that we live on.  Join us on a journey through the water cycle and discover how climate change is increasing evaporation and rainfall, melting ice caps, affecting our drinking water and increasing sea levels.


Shocking the Earth - KS2

Children know we use electricity everyday and that it is a major part of our lives, but do they know where it comes from and what effect it is having on our planet?

In this interactive workshop pupils will explore the concept of global warming and how our electricity use is contributing to climate change.  They will also find out how they can take some simple actions to help slow climate change and spread the word about the positive changes we can all make.


Cool Climate Celebration - KS2

Cards, presents, lights, wrapping paper and extravagant meals...how do these affect climate change?  Discover how celebrations such as Christmas or birthdays link to global warming, explore ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and have a cool climate celebration.


Bug Detectives - KS1

Become a bug detective to learn about weird worms, silly snails, murderous millipedes and busy bees.  Follow clues to find out who lives where, what they do and what they eat.


Your World, My World - KS1

Meet Gabriela, Shakeel, Zena and Alexi, children who love in four different countries—Brazil, India, Ethiopia, and Russia.  Explore how our lives are similar to theirs and how they differ.


Where in the World - KS1/KS2

Find out where your food comes from—the plants and the countries, explore new tastes and grow some of your own.


Heavenly Chocolate - KS2

Join us on a delicious journey following the life of a fair-trade chocolate bar from Ghana in Africa or Brazil in South America to the shelves of your supermarket.


Dig for Victory - KS2

Find out how people managed to have a healthy diet during WWII when food was rationed.  Create your own mini “dig for victory” planters by reusing your rubbish. (spring and summer term only)


Flood Resilience – KS2

Climate change has brought an increased chance of extreme weather and localy in the North West we have seen an increase in the chances of being affected by flooding.  This workshop deals with the causes of flooding, who is at risk in your local area, and how you can protect yourself, your family and your household from flooding.

To book or for more information call 01254 265163 or email daniel.mcdermott@newground.co.uk


Feedback for our workshops:

“All activities were engaging and appropriate, it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon – many thanks.” J. Bird, St Wulston’s Primary School.


“A flowing lesson with interactive activities and interesting videos.” P. Plancke, St Wulston’s and St Edmond’s Primary School.


“Children enjoyed the day and improved their knowledge of flooding.” P. Font, Rosewood Primary.