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Upstream Management- Agricultural Land Management

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Agricultural land management aims to reduce runoff from farmland by increasing the capacity of the land to store water through increasing infiltration and improving soil structure. The Slow The Flow project in Pickering is just one example of how agricultural land management is being used.


Are beavers Britain's best water engineers?

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After being hunted to extinction beavers are making a comeback in Britain thanks to the potential environmental benefits they offer, two studies at opposite ends of the country have shown benefits for; soil erosion, biodiversity, water pollution and flood risk management. Read our blog to find out more.


Upstream Management - Woodland Creation

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Woodland creation is the planting and management of woodland areas reducing surface water runoff by improving infiltration and reducing the amount of water reaching the ground. The Eddleston Water Project, Scotland is one example of how woodland creation is used to reduce flood risk going forward.

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