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Newfound confidence for Liam

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“My family and friends have noticed a positive change in my behaviour and everyone is very excited about what my future holds." Read full story here of how Newground helped Liam get qualifications and back on his feet again!

Green Roof

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

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Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are a natural approach to managing drainage systems which aim to reduce flood risk and water pollution, improve habitats and provide green spaces. Take a look at our infographic for more information on the benefits and techniques.

Water Butt

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) – Alleviating demand on water supplies and future flood risk.

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With record breaking temperatures and low rainfall, there has been a significant impact on river and reservoir levels. In the North West of England, the lack of rain means that a hosepipe ban will come into place and the Environment Agency are preparing for a drought. Sustainable drainage systems are one way to reduce the demand on water supplies by harvesting rainwater all year round, with the added benefit of reducing flood risk in the wetter months.

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