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Does Natural Flood Management fit in the Urban Environment

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With towns and cities home to the majority of the UK’s population, demand on drainage systems has increased significantly over the years. While localised hard engineering schemes such as improvements to culverts, highway drainage and sewers have their place, upgrading these systems is both expensive and disruptive. With the number of homes at risk of flooding set to double to around 10 million in only 30 years time, it is critical that we do all that we can now to try and alleviate the demand on traditional drainage infrastructure.

British Horse Society Head Quarters And Green Roof

Green Roofs - Environmental Benefits and Flood Alleviation

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Does your property have a flat or low pitched roof? If so, the next time you notice a leak or need to re-roof, you may wish to consider a different approach and try a green roof! Not only can they reduce surface water runoff and help to alleviate flooding, but they have a host of environmental and ecological benefits too. Read on to find out more...

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Business Flood Insurance

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According to Environment Agency data, there are currently around 185,000 commercial properties at risk of flooding in England and Wales. While that may seem like a relatively low number compared to 5.2 million homes also at risk, many business owners have been left frustrated at the lack of availability in commercial flood insurance cover.

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Flood recovery tips for businesses

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The recovery process following a flood event can be a lengthy and disruptive one. This blog covers the key things you would need to be aware of and consider during the process of recovering your business from a flood.


Improving flood resilience in Darwen

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Newground will be engaging with residents in Darwen, who live in flood warning areas offering free advice and support intended to help them to become more prepared and resilient to flooding.


Drainage systems - who's responsible?

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Whether caused by Autumn leaves or irresponsible use, blocked drains or gutters can cause immeasurable damage and can even lead to flooding. However, before taking any action to rectify the problem it is important to know who is responsible for the drainage system. Take a look at our infographic with some useful indicators to help you out...

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