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Two years on from the December 2015 flooding

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Two years on from the December 2015 flooding that hit the North of England is a time where we can look back on the changes that have been made and the challenges that people still face following Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank.

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Improving flood resilience in Cheadle

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Newground will be engaging with residents in Cheadle, who live in flood warning areas offering free advice and support intended to help them to become more prepared and resilient to flooding.

eddleston water

Upstream Management- River and Floodplain Restoration

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River and floodplain restoration aims to improve the ability of a river to manage floodwater, through techniques such as river re-meandering, floodplain re-connection and bank stabilisation. The Eddleston Water Project aims to reduce flood risk for the communities of Eddleston and Peebles in Scotland using upstream management techniques.

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For peats sake! The importance of Peatland in managing flood risk

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Although relatively unknown, Peatlands make up 12% of the UK’s land mass and are a massively important and unique ecosystem due to the role they play in maintaining biodiversity, carbon storage and flood risk management. Find out more about why they are so important and what you can do to help save the UK's Peatlands in our blog

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Upstream Management- Agricultural Land Management

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Agricultural land management aims to reduce runoff from farmland by increasing the capacity of the land to store water through increasing infiltration and improving soil structure. The Slow The Flow project in Pickering is just one example of how agricultural land management is being used.


Are beavers Britain's best water engineers?

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After being hunted to extinction beavers are making a comeback in Britain thanks to the potential environmental benefits they offer, two studies at opposite ends of the country have shown benefits for; soil erosion, biodiversity, water pollution and flood risk management. Read our blog to find out more.

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Upstream Management - Moorland Restoration

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One of many upstream management options, moorland restoration aims to reduce surface run off by restoring bare heavily eroded moorland. Moors for the Future's project at Kinder Scout is just one example of where these techniques have been integrated into upstream management to protect communities from flooding.

upstream management explained

Upstream Management Explained

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Upstream management otherwise known as slow the flow is a collective term for techniques used to manage flood risk and includes flood storage solutions as well as agricultural land management and natural flood management (NFM). Upstream management is the alteration, restoration or use of landscape features to reduce flood risk.

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