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Additional Benefits of SuDS

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The installation of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) allows surface water to be retained for longer and released more slowly into our water courses and sewers, helping to alleviate occurrences of surface water flooding. But there are also lots of additional benefits provided by SuDS too.

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Effects of the summer weather on flooding

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As we move into autumn we can look back on the summer of 2018 and one of the hottest summers on record in the UK. We reflect on what affect this dry summer has had on flood risk, which highlights the importance of becoming more resilient to the impacts of summer conditions on flooding.

Summer Fire And Flood Blog

Will the dry summer increase flood risk?

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The recent run of warm weather has encouraged more people to get out into the countryside and other popular tourist resorts to enjoy the sunshine. But while we may be enjoying the prolonged summer there are various side effects to be aware of, including potential consequences for flooding.


How can dredging and gravel removal reduce the risk of flooding?

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In times of prolonged extreme wet weather over large river catchments the flow capacity of rivers may be exceeded, leading to fluvial flooding as streams and rivers cannot cope with these large amounts of water. After such events there are often calls for rivers to be dredged to allow them to carry more water and potentially lessen the effects of flooding, the advantages and disadvantages of which are still surrounded in controversy.

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Beyond Flood Re

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This blogs looks at the issues surrounding incentivising homeowners to protect their property from flooding and the changes that need to be made to ensure flood insurance remains accessible once Flood Re comes to an end.


Coastal Management

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Coastal erosion and the threat of flooding will only increase as sea levels rise over time. As our shores and landscapes change naturally over time, without intervention more water will reach further inland putting more homes and communities at risk of flooding. This blog looks at the management techniques that can be used to slow coastal erosion.

Community Resilience

Community Resilience Planning

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Recent extreme weather conditions in parts of the UK have highlighted the importance of community spirit especially in our more rural areas. These communities may rely on people working together in such circumstances, as they can quickly become isolated from the wider community when roads are covered with snow, ice or floodwater.

Salt marsh

Salt marsh - Natural flood defence and wildlife haven?

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Once seen as coastal wasteland salt marshes are the upper vegetated section of coastal mudflats which are flooded and drained by the tides and can be found all around our low lying shorelines in estuaries and bays. But can these coastal wastelands be used as a natural flood defence to prevent coastal erosion and flooding?

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