10 essential items in your Flood Kit

11 December 2014

If your property is at risk of flooding (you can find out if it is here) there may come a time when you have to evacuate due to flooding. There are a number of things you can do before this occurs. One is to prepare a Flood Kit.

Here is a list of 10 items we think are essential to have in your Flood Kit and we'll add a few optional extras you might also consider.

  1. Warm and waterproof clothing - You may not have time to collect all the family's favourite jumpers and waterproofs so having some to hand that can be picked up on the run is a great idea.
  2. A torch - who knows what time of day you may have to evacuate in a hurry so a torch is essential. Since your Flood Kit might not be used for years, make it a wind-up torch so battery checking and replacement isn't an ongoing concern.
  3. Drinking water - there's nothing surer than drinking water supplies getting contaminated so having your own supply is essential.
  4. Food - having something to eat (even if it's only chocolate bars) will help in a flooding emergency.
  5. Rubber gloves - to protect your hands from getting contaminated.
  6. Medication - if members of the family are on regular medication then a ready supply in your kit is a must. Inhalers and the like are necessary to maintain quality of life away from the home. Have them handy, if not actually in the Flood Kit.
  7. Wellingtons - walking around with sodden footwear is uncomfortable. If the flood waters outside have been contaminated with sewage then you don't want to be walking around up to your ankles in it. Wellington boots are bulky and storing an entire family's collection will take up space. Again, make them handy when the weather gets really wet.
  8. Battery or wind-up radio - this isn't so the teenagers can listen to their favourite radio station. Local radio stations are the best way to keep abreast of latest developments and, as with the torch, if it's wind-up, there's no need to worry about batteries either. 
  9. Mobile Phone - we now never leave home without one. This will be essential so that friends and relations can be informed of your safe situation away from the inherent dangers that flooding can bring.
  10. Flood Plan with contact details - this plan will have prepared you for this moment.  Keep it with you for the information it contains.
Other things that you might consider having available are:
  • waterproof camera to record how bad the flood got
  • toys for the children
  • insurance documents - if the flood is really bad you might need these to get things moving whilst away from the premises.
This list is not exhaustive. If you can think of anything else, we'd be pleased to hear about it.
With flooding you need to:
  • Know your risk
  • Be prepared
  • Have a Flood Plan.


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