5 ways to be a greener workplace

Blog Post by Ellie Shaw 05 September 2014

5 environmental improvement tips that won’t cost you a penny!

Taking steps to make your business more environmentally friendly not only reduces your impact on the environment, but can save you money, make your business more efficient and give you a better reputation. Even better, there are many steps you can take which won’t cost your business anything!

1.       Who’s using that computer?

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Do your colleagues remember to switch off their computers when they attend meetings, or go for lunch?  I’m not suggesting you spend all day turning your computer on and off, but getting in to the habit of turning off computers when leaving the office can lead to huge savings across a business. Don’t forget to turn off other equipment like printers and unplug chargers when they’re not in use too.

2.       Turn it down.

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The Carbon Trust have said that the UK has an opportunity to save approximately 194,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent every single year just by turning the heating down by 1°C every year. This could have a total cost saving for UK businesses of over 35 million pounds. Go and turn that thermostat down!

3.       Fix those dripping taps and leaking pipes.

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Keeping basic maintenance of your property’s plumbing is essential to reduce your water consumption. A dripping tap wastes at least 5,500 litres of clean water a year according to WaterWise which is the equivalent of filling a paddling pool every week for the whole summer.

4.       Think before you print.

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There are so many ways you can reduce paper use in your office. Printing on both sides of the sheet is one, but did you really need to print that email in the first place? It's estimated that the average office worker prints 45 sheets of paper per day - half of which is waste. Do you need to hand out an agenda at the beginning of every meeting, or could you email it round to everyone first?

5.       Be a conscious customer.

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Do you buy recycled paper for your office? What washing-up liquid is in the kitchen? Do you re-use your own mugs and glasses or does the coffee machine give you a new plastic one each time? These are just a few of the questions you can ask about the everyday items in your office. Whatever you're using, check if there's a more sustainable product available, or go even further and question if you even need the product at all? Most of these shouldn’t cost you any more than you're already paying, so it’s a no-brainer really!

Hopefully you've now picked up some quick and easy tips to make your business a bit more environmentally-friendly. It would also be a great idea to ask your own staff about this – they might have loads of ideas of where to reduce your impact, so why not get everyone involved and start tackling your environmental impact together. We’d love to hear of anything your business has done (big or small) to reduce your impact. Why not let us know in the comments below?


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