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Improving flood resilience in Darwen

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Newground will be engaging with residents in Darwen, who live in flood warning areas offering free advice and support intended to help them to become more prepared and resilient to flooding.

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The multiple benefits of natural flood management

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There are multiple benefits of Natural Flood Management measures not just for managing flood risk but for both the environment and society as well. This blog explores these multiple benefits and the ways they can improve the environment we live in.

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Flash flooding

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In the past year there have been a number of occasions where towns and villages have been affected by flash flooding due to very localised and intense rainfall. This unpredictable nature of flash flooding events can lead to them having damaging consequences.

Salt marsh

Salt marsh - Natural flood defence and wildlife haven?

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Once seen as coastal wasteland salt marshes are the upper vegetated section of coastal mudflats which are flooded and drained by the tides and can be found all around our low lying shorelines in estuaries and bays. But can these coastal wastelands be used as a natural flood defence to prevent coastal erosion and flooding?

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Two years on from the December 2015 flooding

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Two years on from the December 2015 flooding that hit the North of England is a time where we can look back on the changes that have been made and the challenges that people still face following Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank.

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Flood Resistance vs. Flood Resilience

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Flood resistance and flood resilience measures are both important aspects of protecting your property against flooding. But what is the difference and what do they entail? This blog explains the differences and provides examples of what you can do for your property.

Flood Re

Flood Insurance: what you need to know

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Flood Re is a scheme that aims to make flood insurance more affordable for people living in flood risk areas, by working with insurers to provide appropriate and affordable policies. Find out more about the details in this flood insurance blog.

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5 Alternative Flood Warnings

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Find out how you can get additional or alternative flood warnings for you and your property, to increase your resilience and give you more time to implement your flood plan.

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