Blackburn Town Centre Business Improvement District - Where has everyone gone?

Blog Post by Mark Stevenson 05 October 2014

Where has everyone gone?

Have you noticed that less and less people are coming to Blackburn to do their shopping? Well the Blackburn Business Improvement District has identified this problem and this article will explain what’s being done to address the issue.

Walking around Blackburn, I’ve noticed that the streets are pretty quiet and this is even at lunch time. Where have all the people gone to? Why aren’t they in Blackburn? What can be done to bring them back?  Businesses have also told us:

  • “The Town is dying, there is no one coming in to do their shopping”
  • “I have never known it this quiet”
  • “Most customers do their shopping online”
  • “The town does not attract new or returning shoppers”
  • Car parking is the major reason why people do not come to the town anymore


The Business Improvement District Team have identified this as a major issue and have budgeted to install a system and run a number of events to help bring more people back to the town and increase turnover for the businesses in the town. The BID is in place for 5 years and in that time it will address these major issues and work with businesses to improve them. Footfall has been a major concern for most and they are keen to hear how this would be addressed.

The solution is a system (purchased by the BID) to monitor footfall in the town and see where most people are going to and if there are any returning customers. The system will work with local business owners who will also be able to track the results. By tracking how many people are visiting the town, the BID can establish a baseline and work on a solution to bring more visitors to Blackburn.

The Mall Blackburn

So now you know one part of the plan to improve the Town. Let the BID team know of any promotions or events you’re holding and come to the next breakfast seminar to get a lot of useful information and a great breakfast! Get more info on the Business Improvement District at or contact


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