Business awards - how to write an award-winning application

05 October 2014

Have you ever entered your business for an award and not even been shortlisted? Below are some top tips on how to write an award winning application form.

Entering awards for your business can be time consuming and a long and painful process, often without any gain at the end of it. We have some top tips that can help improve your application form and increase your chances of not only being shortlisted but of being a winner!

Choose carefully

Before you start entering awards, you need to make sure you’re applying for the right ones for your business.  Do your research, start off small and don’t just apply for what your competitor has! You don’t have to jump straight into a nationwide or accredited award. It might be a good idea to get some experience with a local awards event, then look at regional ones and then, when you’ve got some experience under your belt - go national!

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Plan what you’re going to write

Once you’ve chosen the right awards for your company and picked the category which best fits your business activity, you can start thinking about what to actually put in your application.  Before putting pen to paper, make bullet points of what key points you want to make, use facts and figures, and most of all read what’s actually required for the awards. There’s no harm in asking the award scheme for the judging criteria to make sure you’re covering all aspects.


Don’t leave it to the last minute

When writing an application, try to leave yourself as much time as possible - you don’t want to be rushing something like this. Once complete, leave it for a couple of days and go back to it - you might have something to add.  Ask someone else to proof read it for you as they might see something you’ve missed.  It might be an obvious thing to point out but you should always submit on time.   You don’t want to spend all that time on an application that won’t be considered because it was an hour late. (We wouldn’t be so harsh, but you never know if another awards scheme would!)

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Winning awards is a great marketing tool for companies and it can give them an excellent opportunity to promote their company.   But a poorly written application form only wastes time, effort and money.  So do your research, plan what you want to write, think about whether or not you really meet the criteria and don’t run before you can walk!


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