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Blog Post by Mark Stevenson 12 October 2014

Does your business spend a lot of time and effort in combating shoplifters?

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Have you had enough of being the victim of crime and would like to work together with other businesses in targeting offenders?

This is how many of the businesses in Blackburn felt.  So the Blackburn Business Improvement District (BID) introduced a new piece of software called DISC - Database and Intranet for Safer Communities.

This online secured system allows businesses to share intelligence about crime in the town centre in real time.  This could be an alert about a crime that’s occurred or adding CCTV images of offenders.  The software then alerts the Police and other businesses in the area.

The Blackburn BID has rolled this out to all their members as part of their objective to make Blackburn safer and more secure.  By introducing DISC, businesses are able to work together to combat crime.

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Many of the town centre businesses that have signed up to DISC have already benefited from the updates and weekly newsletters that it sends.

The system also provides:

  • Photos of known offenders
  • Real time updates on offenders in the area
  • Information about crimes that have taken place
  • Alerts to the Police.

DISC has provided the BID members with a fast alert system that will help to reduce crime and even bring the offenders to justice.

For more information on the DISC system and the work the Blackburn BID team are doing, please go to


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