Food growing tips from the Community Garden Makers project - why you should grow raspberries

05 October 2014

Summer fruits - from the garden to the table.

Easy pickings....

This morning I went into my garden and picked a handful of fresh raspberries, some of which I added to my breakfast muesli.  There’ll be a handful left over for a refreshing nibble when I get home from work.

Raspberrys Lazy Gardener

How wonderful - so fresh, so tasty, so simple. No shopping involved, no packaging, no food miles. A healthy, low cost and sustainable snack!

The best bit is that the more often I pick the raspberries, the more they produce. How’s that for a gift that just keeps on giving?

Raspberries are easy to grow and maintain. They’re widely available from good nurseries (with many different varieties available) and are productive for many years. It’s possible to be picking raspberries for a few months if you have space for some early and some late varieties, but as I only have a small garden, I just content myself with one variety and look forward to eating them.

Why not buy a plant yourself and give it a go? I’d love to see a photo of the results.

By Deborah Ash (The Lazy Gardener), Community Garden Maker.


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