How to make the most out of winning a business award

09 November 2014

5 key ways to shout about your achievement and reach the right audience.

If your business has won an award, you’ll understand what a great achievement this is and want to make the most out of your win.  Here’s our top five ways for maximising the promotional opportunities available to you: 

1.  Staff. Staff are the key element to any business, whatever its size, and so it’s important that your team are notified of the award win first.  Call a staff meeting (or even hold a celebratory lunch) and congratulate your team on their hard work.  If that’s not possible, email a congratulatory message that’s also suitable to pass on to anyone else they’d like to share the news with.  Many business award schemes now issue a ‘winner’s logo’ which you can also add to your team’s email footers and business cards. 

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2.  Stakeholders. Next you need to inform your customers and stakeholders.  Put together a short email or letter and tell them your good news.  If you have a distribution list for your ‘hot leads’, you could also share the win with them.

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3.  The public.  Now it’s time to share your win with the world! Put together a press release that covers:

  • Details of the awards scheme and category that you’ve won.
  • Why you won the award – you can write this part by summarising the text on your awards entry.
  • If you had some big-name competition, you can also mention this to highlight how prestigious your win was.
  • You should also use the press release to thank key people like your staff, board members and partners. Get a quote from your executive team detailing what the win means to your company. Try to say something real and human – sentences like “this win demonstrates our superiority in the marketplace” sound like a sales pitch and won’t do you any favours. 

Once your press release has been approved, then get it out there! Use:

  • Social Media- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Local Newspapers
  • Trade press other publications relevant to your target audience
  • Company newsletter/magazine
  • Staff newsletter
  • Your company website.

Remember, people love images, so upload any relevant official and non official photographs from the event.


4.  The trophy.  Place your awards trophy in a prominent place in your reception area along with an explanation of why you won the award.  Visitors can instantly see that you’re an award winning company.

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5.  The future.  Include details of your award win in tender documents or contract renewal quotes and brief your sales team to talk about it with prospective customers.

It’s a good idea to have prepared your press release before the awards ceremony, along with any communications to staff, customers and stakeholders.  It may seem like tempting fate, but it will give you a head start on any other winners and allow you to maximise PR coverage – the older the news is, the less likely it is that it will be used. 

If you have any other tips for making the most out of an awards win, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.


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