Improving flood resilience in Cheadle

Article by Esther Morrissey 26 September 2017


Newground is currently delivering a programme of flood support across the North West to increase awareness and preparedness of flooding on behalf of the Environment Agency, assisting communities at risk of flooding to improve their flood resilience. This includes raising awareness of the Environment Agency’s free Flood Warning Service and providing assistance with property level flood planning.

Flood Warnings

As part of this work Newground have engaged with residents in Cheadle, who live in flood warning areas offering free advice and support intended to help them to become more prepared and resilient to flooding. There are 986 properties within the flood warning areas of Cheadle, however only 23% of these were signed up to receive flood warnings. Since engaging with the community, the number of people signed up to the Flood Warning Service has risen to 27%.

You can find more information on flood warnings and how to sign up here


Flood Planning

We also talked to residents about flood planning, as having a flood plan in place for your property can help you to be more prepared and in turn help to minimise damage and reduce the impact of flooding.

Cheadle Flood Plan

Download a free household flood plan for properties in Cheadle here


Reporting A Flood

As the types and causes of flooding can be complex and knowing who is responsible for dealing with flooding can be confusing we have produced an infographic to help residents in Cheadle understand who’s responsible for different types of flooding.

Cheadle Whos Reponsible (1)

Download the 'Who is responsible for flood water?' infographic for Cheadle here

We also worked in partnership with Stockport Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), to provide information on their roles and responsibilities. There is information on reporting flooding issues on their website, as well as an interactive map, where you can check land ownership, watercourses and culverted watercourses for your local area.

Using the map:

  1. Follow this link
  2. Type in your postcode/address
  3. Select 'My Maps' on the top bar
  4. Select the 'Drainage' and 'Land Ownership' categories
  5. The ownership of culverts can be found in 'Transport and Streets - Highways & Streets', under the subsection 'Culverts'.

The Environment Agency has a helpful document for understanding riparian ownership called Living on the edge. This helps people that own land or property next to a river stream or ditch to understand their roles and responsibilities.

Stockport Council introduced a new gully cleaning programme which covers the full cycle of the 75,000 gullies that the council maintain every 18 months, hotspot areas every 6 months and reported issues every 2 weeks.

You can report a block grid or drain, or find out if it is council maintained on an interactive map. For more hazardous or dangerous issues such as flooding that is causing an obstruction to a property or roads can be reported directly on 0161 271 6111.


More information and advice on flood resilience can be found on our Knowledge Centre. If you have any specific issues or queries regards flooding please contact us on 01254 265 163 and a member of our team would be happy to help.


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