Improving flood resilience in Clitheroe

Article by Graeme Hazard 11 October 2017

Newground is currently delivering a programme of flood support across the North West to increase awareness and preparedness of flooding on behalf of the Environment Agency, assisting communities at risk of flooding to improve their flood resilience. This includes raising awareness of the Environment Agency free Flood Warning Service and providing assistance with property level flood planning.

Flood Warnings

As part of this work Newground have engaged with residents in Clitheroe, who live in flood warning areas offering free advice and support intended to help them to become more prepared and resilient to flooding. Of the 777 properties which are located in the flood warning areas of Mearley Brook, Pimlico Brook and Low Moor 52% were signed up to receive free flood warnings from the Environment Agency. Since Newground enagaged with the community, the number of people signed up to the Flood Warning Service has risen to 54%.

You can find more infomation on flood warnings and how to sign up here. 

Flood Planning

We also talked to residents about planning, as having a flood plan in place for your property can help you to be more prepared, helping to minimise damage and reduce the impact of flooding.

Cheadle Flood Plan

Download a free household flood plan for properties in Clitheroe here. 

Reporting A Flood

As it may not be clear who is responsible when flooding occurs we have produced an infographic to help residents in Clitheroe understand who is responsible for different types of flooding.

Lancashire Whos Responsible (1)

Download the 'who's responsible for flood water?' infographic for Lancashire here

The Environment Agency has a helpful document for understanding riparian ownership called Living on the edge. This helps people that own land or property next to a river stream or ditch to understand their roles and responsibilities.

More information and advice on flood resilience can be found on our Knowledge Centre. If you have any specific issues or queries regards flooding please contact us on 01254 265 163 and a member of our team would be happy to help.


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