Noise at work quiz: how noisy is too noisy?

09 November 2014

Find out if the Control of Noise Regulations applies to your workplace.

Are your employees regularly exposed to noise at work?  Are you concerned that the duration and frequency of noise exposure may be an issue?  Would you like to know some of the key indicators that noise may be a problem for you?  Then take the quiz below and tally up your score.

Ruído _Noise _041113GFDL

You are legally required to protect your employees from any harm and noise is one of many potential hazards to consider.  Answer the questions below with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and see if noise may pose a risk for your employees.

1.  Are explosive materials or cartridge-driven equipment causing ‘explosion-like’ sounds?

□ Yes □ No

2.  Are your employees exposed to impact related noise such as, percussion drilling, hammering or air powered impact tools?

□ Yes □ No

3.  Is your industry noisy by nature, for example, heavy manufacturing, construction or entertainment?

□ Yes □ No

4.  In a typical day, do your employees use noisy equipment for more than thirty minutes a day?

□ Yes □ No

5.  Do members of staff need to raise their voices to be heard from two metres away for a portion of the day?

□ Yes □ No

6.  Is 80 decibels of noise likely to be regularly generated as part your activities?

□ Yes □ No

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you are highly like to be an organisation which exposes employees to harmful noise and the Control of Noise Regulations will apply to you.

Fear not!  All you have to do is carry out a risk assessment to better understand the risks facing your employees.  The important considerations when carrying out a noise risk assessment are exposure, which means ‘noise frequency’ (how often) X ‘noise duration’ (how long).

If in doubt, pull out the old sound meter and (if you’re a competent person with calibrated equipment) carry out a noise survey.  This will give you valuable information about what needs to be put in place to safeguard staff.

Optimus _Sound _Level _Meter

If we don’t protect those ears, the cost can be dear!


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