Property Level Protection

18 December 2014

Having made your property flood resilient inside by putting into place simple measures some property level protection (PLP) will make it more flood resistant. There are a whole host of measures you could implement and of course, they range in price considerably.

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See our article on alternative sandbags which are at one end of the scale. You may need to protect airbricks. This might be achieved by using a simple cover which would be deployed at times of high flood risk or you could install self-sealing replacement airbricks which are ‘fit and forget’. The later are more expensive to purchase and will need a builder to install. Protecting entrance doors can range from simple gel strips that swell in situ to seal the door to full bespoke flood doors costing thousands of pounds. In between there are many styles and designs of flood barriers for single doors and wider.

In terms of deployable flood barriers there are a number of considerations you should take into account. Here is a list but it is not exhaustive:

  • Type of doorframe for fixing to
  • Type of fixings used otherwise
  • Weight of barrier – can children or elderly lift it into position
  • Height to ensure no overtopping
  • How quickly and easy is it to deploy?
  • Do you need special tools?

One advantage of flood barriers is they do allow access into or out of the property.

One area that often gets over looked is groundfloor toilets and showers. It is quite common during times of river flooding for the local sewers to overflow with an attendant devastating effect especially if sewage gets inside a property. If unprotected groundfloor toilets and shower wastes can back flow raw sewage into a property. Fitting non-return valves in the outlets is the ‘fit and forget’ resistance measure but there are also products on the market to act as plugs in these situations.

There is considerable research to do before settling on the PLP that best suits your situation. Time spent doing this research is time well spent. Just remember that once flooded it can take several months before your property can be returned to its original use during which time your life will be very stressful and a complete unwanted change from what it is now.

So is it any wonder we say:

  • Know your risk
  • Be prepared
  • Have a plan


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