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Conservation Grazing

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It's a common sight to see animals grazing in the UK countryside but what benefits can this have on the environment? This infographic broadly outlines the processes involved in grazing and how it can be used for conservation.

agricutlure pseticides

The effects of agricultural pesticides on UK wildlife

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The UK is dominated by agriculture, occupying around 71% of the country's land. The countries population depends on agriculture for its food security and economic growth. Because of this, efforts are often made to increase yield and reduce pest numbers, but what effect is this having on native wildlife?

butterfly gardens (1)

Butterfly Gardens

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Sir David Attenborough, the president of Butterfly Conservation, is urging people to plant butterfly friendly flowers in their gardens to help reverse declining numbers of the insects. Everyone can play their part by planting nectar rich flowers in their gardens, flower pots or window ledges to provide food and shelter.

dolphin - endangered animals

5 most endangered animals in the UK


Almost two thirds of species in the UK have reduced in numbers in the past 50 years. This infographic takes a look at some of the most endangered animals and the possible reasons why their numbers have declined so rapidly.

rerwilding britain - wolf

Rewilding Britain - The lost species


Due to the actions of mankind, many species are under threat of extinction in Britain. Unfortunately, the species featured in this infographic have already lost the battle. Would you like to see the rewilding of Britain? Should we re-introduce extinct species back into the ecosystems in which they used to thrive? Take a look at these amazing creatures and you can decide for yourself.

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