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noise at work

Noise at work

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The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 places duties on employers and self-employed persons to protect both employees who may be at risk from exposure to noise at work and other persons who might be affected by that work.


Can you put that down the drain?

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When running your business you’ll inevitably use some water. Much of this may be in the same way that you use water at home – for washing up, drinking and flushing the toilet, but you may also use water in manufacturing or production processes

piggy bank

Top tips for using compressed air efficiently

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Use of compressed air at any site is expensive. It’s a large energy-draining resource. This blog will provide a few hints and tips for getting the most out of compressed air use, and ensure you improve efficiency and ultimately save money!

resource efficiency

What is resource efficiency?

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The resources we rely on are finite, meaning they will eventually run out, and can only be replenished at a certain rate. If we exceed this rate the resource becomes depleted. Resource efficiency is a way to deliver more with less.

Footprint_water (1)

Water Footprint

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Environmental footprints help us understand how our production and consumption affect natural resources. The water footprint measures the amount of water used to produce each of the goods and services we use.

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