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Posts matching "climate change"

ecological debt

Paying off Earth's ecological debt

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Ecological Debt Day (also known as Earth Overshoot Day) is an annual occurrence marking the day in the calendar year that our resource use exceeds the amount of resource that the planet can regenerate in that calendar year.

food (1)

Foods we might lose to climate change


If we keep damaging the Earth's atmosphere with carbon emissions, we’re going to see some dramatic changes over the years, including a shortage of these five food and drinks.


El Niño Effect

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El Niño is the name given to describe an upwelling of warmer than average water in the Equatorial Pacific, and is known to disrupt climate patterns around the world.

help planet (1)

5 ways to help the planet


This video animates 5 simple actions you can take to help our planet. It might seem obvious to some of us but what’s the harm in having a quick look anyway just refresh your memory? Let’s do our bit for the amazing planet we live on.

super tide

Super tides


Rare super tides, which only occur once every 18 years, are threatening coastal flooding in parts of England. The phenomenon is caused by a unique alignment of the sun, moon and Earth creating a massive gravitational pull on the sea. The Environment Agency has issued a number of flood warnings and flood alerts across the country.

house floodline

Advantages of Floodline Direct Warnings


Erratic weather patterns are becoming the norm and may well a consequence of climate change. Recent heavy down pours have shown that flooding isn't just a winter phenomenon. Flash floods are quite difficult to predict so weather forecasters can’t be blamed for not predicting one in your street.

dolphin - endangered animals

5 most endangered animals in the UK


Almost two thirds of species in the UK have reduced in numbers in the past 50 years. This infographic takes a look at some of the most endangered animals and the possible reasons why their numbers have declined so rapidly.

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