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Summer Fire And Flood Blog

Will the dry summer increase flood risk?

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The recent run of warm weather has encouraged more people to get out into the countryside and other popular tourist resorts to enjoy the sunshine. But while we may be enjoying the prolonged summer there are various side effects to be aware of, including potential consequences for flooding.

sand bag

How alternative sandbags improve flood protection

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For many years, traditional sandbags using hessian sacks have often been the most popular method of preventing flood water from entering and inundating properties or an area of land. However, over time, alternative sandbags have now been developed and identified as a better substitute for traditional sandbags. By purchasing these in advance of a flood, it will enable you to prepare for a future flood effectively and improve your resilience against flooding.

British Horse Society Head Quarters And Green Roof

Green Roofs - Environmental Benefits and Flood Alleviation

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Does your property have a flat or low pitched roof? If so, the next time you notice a leak or need to re-roof, you may wish to consider a different approach and try a green roof! Not only can they reduce surface water runoff and help to alleviate flooding, but they have a host of environmental and ecological benefits too. Read on to find out more...

Sewer Flooding 2

Sewer blockages and flooding

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The amount of water entering our drains and sewers is ever increasing due to wetter climates and hard surfaces causing more surface water runoff. Add in the thousands of blockages occurring in our sewers every year and this can result in easily avoidable flood events. By following simple actions, everyone can help to reduce the number of sewer blockages and in turn lessen the chance of flooding.


How can dredging and gravel removal reduce the risk of flooding?

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In times of prolonged extreme wet weather over large river catchments the flow capacity of rivers may be exceeded, leading to fluvial flooding as streams and rivers cannot cope with these large amounts of water. After such events there are often calls for rivers to be dredged to allow them to carry more water and potentially lessen the effects of flooding, the advantages and disadvantages of which are still surrounded in controversy.

Pic 2 Incentives blog

Beyond Flood Re

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This blogs looks at the issues surrounding incentivising homeowners to protect their property from flooding and the changes that need to be made to ensure flood insurance remains accessible once Flood Re comes to an end.

Businees Flood Insurance Blog Image

Business Flood Insurance

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According to Environment Agency data, there are currently around 185,000 commercial properties at risk of flooding in England and Wales. While that may seem like a relatively low number compared to 5.2 million homes also at risk, many business owners have been left frustrated at the lack of availability in commercial flood insurance cover.

Whalley Viaduct Flood

Misconceptions of flooding

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Every flood event is unique and has varying effects on the different towns and villages that experience it. There are often misunderstandings surrounding flooding and how it can affect you, so it is important to consider every possible outcome, and understand that you could be affected in unexpected ways.

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