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Help hedgehogs in your school grounds

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Did you know that the hedgehog population is in serious decline? One of the main reasons for this, surprisingly, is because we all have better fences, walls and boundaries than we used to.

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7 autumnal outdoor activity ideas – perfect for a Forest School session

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Autumn is often a favourite time of year to be outdoors and experience the changing scenes. Our landscapes are awash with colour and we grab the chance to enjoy the last few warm afternoons of the year. If you're going out with your group, take a look at these ideas for what you can do once you’re outside.


10 tips to avoid midges on your outdoor learning session

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When we talk about midges, we really mean any number of small insects, especially of the family “Chironomidae”, which somewhat resemble a mosquito. The part which often collects these animals into the term “midge” is that fact they bite us.

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