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How your old Christmas tree can be used to regenerate dune environments

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As Christmas is rapidly approaching, many of you will be buying and decorating your Christmas trees ready for the up and coming festivities. For those of you who buy a real tree, have you thought about how and where you will dispose of it when the festive period is over? Some of you may or may not be aware of the positive impacts that your old Christmas trees can have on dune environments, including protecting against coastal flooding and erosion by helping to regenerate dunes.


How to reduce the impact of flooding


Read our top 5 ways to prepare for a flooding event, to protect your home or business and increase your individual and community flood resilience.

Community Lancashire Available For Reuse

Working with your community to increase resilience to flooding and other emergencies.

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So far in 2018, there have been significant events and weather conditions that have highlighted the importance of community resilience. The more organised a community is, the more resilient it can be to the impacts of an emergency situation. Communities can also plan for adverse events in advance and be aware of the potential impacts. Setting up community groups who work together to provide local residents with information on emergency events and how to respond, are also useful for increasing resilience, for example, information could be in the form of flood advice or a community emergency plan.

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5 Alternative Flood Warnings

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Find out how you can get additional or alternative flood warnings for you and your property, to increase your resilience and give you more time to implement your flood plan.

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Traditional Vs. Modern: How to protect your building

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Getting the correct property level protection is essential for improving your flood resilience. Traditional buildings often require different measures to modern buildings, with different factors to consider. This handy guide helps to identify the key differences and the step you can take in order to best protect you and your home.

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Community flood schemes

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Community flood schemes are a great way of increasing a communities flood resilience as schemes can be as big or as small as needed with many solutions available to suit a communities needs. To find out more take a look at our infographic.

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How to make a Flood Plan

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If you are in a flood risk area you should have a flood plan for your household, business and community. This infographic gives some helpful tips on what should be included in a flood plan as well as Newground's household flood plan template to start planning today!

Property Protection

Flood resilience grants explained

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Following the December 2015 floods the government has provided grants of up to £5000 for affected properties, intended to improve properties resistance and resilience to flooding. Find out who's eligible, how to apply and what you could apply for.

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