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ecological debt

Paying off Earth's ecological debt

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Ecological Debt Day (also known as Earth Overshoot Day) is an annual occurrence marking the day in the calendar year that our resource use exceeds the amount of resource that the planet can regenerate in that calendar year.

resource efficiency

What is resource efficiency?

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The resources we rely on are finite, meaning they will eventually run out, and can only be replenished at a certain rate. If we exceed this rate the resource becomes depleted. Resource efficiency is a way to deliver more with less.

rerwilding britain - wolf

Rewilding Britain - The lost species


Due to the actions of mankind, many species are under threat of extinction in Britain. Unfortunately, the species featured in this infographic have already lost the battle. Would you like to see the rewilding of Britain? Should we re-introduce extinct species back into the ecosystems in which they used to thrive? Take a look at these amazing creatures and you can decide for yourself.


Cheap, easy, green and healthy

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Is leaving your car at home for the commute too much hassle? Are solar panels on your roof not an option? Looking for an easier and cheaper way to do your bit for the environment?


How to develop a sustainable procurement policy

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Developing a sustainable purchasing policy for your organisation is the first step to helping ensure that sustainability is embedded in the procurement process. So, if you don’t already have a sustainable procurement / purchasing policy in place, then read this blog article to find out what you need to consider.


10 things you should know about FSC

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FSC certification is being used increasingly by companies around the globe to show that their product has been made using wood from well managed forests. Here are ten things you should know about FSC.

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