Why is it important to make training interactive?

30 March 2015

Have you ever looked at the agenda for a training course and done an internal sigh when you’ve read ‘fun interactive games’ or ‘icebreakers’? Making training courses interactive and fun is a really difficult job, but it’s also really important.

Below are some reasons why training courses need to be interactive and also some ways of making them so.

  1. ‘We don’t remember days; we remember moments.’ – Cesare Pavese, The burning brand. This is key to making training courses interactive and fun. Laughing, playing games and interaction makes moments. Moments make memories and memories help you to digest information and learn.
  2. Often training course can be based on dull topics and can lose attendees attention when looking at screen after screen of information. By having fun and using interactive methods to do this, it can break up training sessions, re focus the mind and keep your attention, which all aids your learning experience.
  3. The majority of people have a competitive streak. When on training with work colleagues or new acquaintances you may not have seen their fun, competitive side, so it’s a good way to interact with work colleagues or when meeting new people, that’s as long as you’re not wrestling them to the floor for a poker chip.
  4. If there is one thing that will make you feel like a child- that’s being told- ‘We’re going to play a game.’, or ‘It’s now time to have some fun.’  Don’t focus on the fun factor; focus on the way interaction is being used and how it’s going to benefit you and your learning experience.

Some different ways to interact during training;

  1. Ice breaking exercises allows delegates to get to know the trainer and for the trainer to gauge the audience.
  2. To inject some humour into the session. If the trainer has planned this out prior, by including some jokes or amusing stories, then it won’t feel like organised fun.
  3. Getting involved in some group exercises, this gives delegates a break from being talked at and allows them to interact with each other, as everyone has a different learning style some will benefit from this more than others.
  4. By having plenty of breaks it keeps delegates attention span and aids discussion amongst attendees. If the conversation is about the training topic or not, it helps with the focus for the next session.

Most importantly, making training courses interactive is fun and enhances your learning experience. Remember, you use more facial muscles to frown than to smile!

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