Mental Health Awareness Week: Chris’ story’

18 May 2018

We all have times when life gets on top of us and it can be the support of those around us that often helps us get back on track.

As this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, as well as raising our awareness of mental health problems and the millions of people affected by them, we are also recognising the support we offer to young people whose mental health problems are stopping them from reaching their full potential.

We run a number of projects committed to helping young people with mental health problems to take control of their lives and get back on track.

Chris Holt is one of the many young people we have supported to achieve success. Chris has suffered from severe depression for many years which unfortunately had a negative impact on his education, training and ability to find employment. Through this difficult time Chris had support from his GP, but he felt it was not taking him in the right direction.

Chris first got involved with us when he attended our GROW project, where his progress was soon recognised by his Key Workers Dipak Mistry and Stephen Bedeau. Dipak said: “We made simple observations including him taking his coat off after just two sessions, a sign that he was comfortable and secure, and planned to stay. Chris engaged well and always made contributions to our workshops.

“We have a restorative approach to working with young people and therefore we chat and check in with them before, during and after all of our sessions. It was during these conversations that Chris told us he had noticed an improvement in his mental health thanks to the structure that the GROW project had brought to his week, he had something to look forward to that was positive and practical.”

Chris’ progress with our GROW project continued which led him to engage with Talent Match, one of our projects supporting young people to find employment.

By connecting with these projects, we were able to refer Chris to the appropriate mental health services where his Key Workers support him to attend appointments. Chris said: “The projects with Newground really helped me because of the open sessions and open conversations; it is really relaxed.

“I really liked Stephen’s confident aura, it had a great effect on me. Attending the projects helped me get into a routine which has resulted in me finding a volunteering job at a Theatre. I talk a lot with Dipak and the support has continued, I’m so thankful to Stephen and Dipak for all of their help.”

If you’re a young person, or know a young person, who could benefit from our projects supporting young people to get back on track, please get in touch: /contact/.

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