Reachout youth project extends services

29 August 2014

Our Reachout youth project is to expand its services by offering basic adult education courses following support from Sainsbury's Darwen.

The programme normally provides sport and youth centre services for teenagers as well as offering training and CV advice.

Now the service will be rolling out basic adult education courses in literacy and numeracy for adults up to the age of 25 who wish to improve their qualifications.

The Level 2 courses, which sit just below GCSE levels, are to be introduced after the centre received at least £2,320 from Sainsbury’s in Darwen after they completed a year of fundraising.

Reachout will also provide extra programmes for youngsters who are vulnerable or at risk with activities which develop a passion for arts, sport and participation in the community.

Young people who visit the centre can also access training which leads to apprenticeships.

Reachout project manager Lesley Hall said: “We'd like to say thank you to the team and customers who have always given us a warm welcome.”

Sainsbury’s organised an indoor bike ride and a special Fair Trade event. Fundraisers also bought a new football kit for the Reachout’s team to use, and donated summer activity packs and water bottles to give to young peo- ple.

Darwen Sainsbury’s store manager, Jaine Bergin, said: “We selected Reachout as our charity of the year because of the fantastic work they do with the young people in the town.

See the original story in the Lancashire Telegraph.


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