External environments play an important role in how residents feel about where they live. Our housing sector clients want to deliver estate layouts and improvements that make people feel good about their community and make people want to live there.

We can help our clients with landscape layouts and planting plans to secure planning permission along with more detail arrangements for parking areas, recreational areas, play areas, gateway entrance features and new public realm schemes.

As well as undertaking design work our build teams can install a range of fencing types and carry out stone walling, brickwork, all types of paving, driveway construction, play area installation, street furniture installations and soft landscaping.

Social landlords need their green spaces to meet the needs of their tenants and be easy to maintain. We help our social landlord clients achieve this by providing innovative and sustainable design solutions that cater for the requirements of the local people that will use them.

Consultation is an integral part of the process we undertake to enable us to deliver projects that meet the needs of the client, local people and potential users of the improved sites.

Our landscape professionals can also work closely with our in-house community project officers, youth workers and educationalists to add value to the consultation process and fully engage our clients and end users of improvement sites in the design process.